Class Rucola::Dependencies
In: lib/rucola/dependencies.rb
Parent: Object


Classes and Modules

Class Rucola::Dependencies::Dependency
Class Rucola::Dependencies::RequiredFile


dependencies  [R] 
exceptions  [R] 

Public Class methods

Loads dependencies from a file which uses ‘ do … end’ to define dependencies.

Public Instance methods

Specify dependencies of your application. Eg:

  dependency 'net/http'

Or if it‘s a gem you can also specify a specific version. (See the gem documentation about the possibilities). Eg:

  dependency 'daemons', '1.0.7'

Sometimes there will be some libraries that just can‘t be resolved. For these you can add exceptions: Eg:

  # when "require 'xml-simple'" is called it will be replaced with "require 'xmlsimple'"
  exception 'xml-simple', 'xmlsimple'

Or you can pass these in a block for grouping, but note that it‘s exaclty the same as defining the exception outside of the block. Eg:

  dependency 'activesupport' do
    # there's a problem with the gem being named 'xml-simple',
    # but the file is actually called 'xmlsimple'.
    exception 'xml-simple', 'xmlsimple'

Requires an array of all the required files with any duplicates removed. TODO: Check if using this will save a lot of time while copying, because atm files might be copied multiple times.