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h1. rucola

h1. &x2192; ‘rucola‘

h2. What

A Framework for rapidly building RubyCocoa applications

Rucola is a light weight framework that helps you write RubyCocoa apps. It allows you to build, test, and deploy applications using rake commands, eliminating the need to use XCode for the most common tasks.

Rucola provides a set of generators to help you generate controllers, window controllers, and document-based applications. It also provides APIs for simplifying some of Objective-C‘s ways of doing things.

h2. Requirements

h2. Installing

<pre syntax="sh">$ sudo gem install rucola</pre>

h2. Demonstration of usage

h3. Generating an application skeleton

    <code>$ rucola MyApp -a "Your Name"</code>

Running this command will give you a complete, working application with a single window already bound to your application controller.

h3. Running an application

    <code>$ rake</code>

h2. Extras

Documentation can be found "here."

Sample apps can be found at:

<pre syntax="sh"> svn co svn://</pre>

There‘s a basic TextMate bundle which contains only 4 commands which are the equivalent of the "go to file" commands in the rails bundle. With these going from a controller to it‘s test/model/view file is only a shortcut away. To get it:

<pre syntax="sh"> cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/ svn co svn:// </pre>

There‘s a crash reporter plugin and a ActiveRecord plugin available. Check their descriptions with:

<pre syntax="sh"> cd MyApp script/plugin list </pre>

Or install them with:

<pre syntax="sh"> cd MyApp script/plugin install SACrashReporter </pre>

h2. Forum


h2. How to submit patches

Read the "8 steps for fixing other people‘s code" and for section "8b: Submit patch to Google Groups", use the Google Group above.

Browse the git repo online at:

The latest version can be checked out with:

    <code>$ git clone git://</code>

h2. License

This code is free to use under the terms of the MIT license.

h2. Contact

Comments are welcome. Send an email via the "forum"